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Timber Veneer Wallcoverings

Introducing the elegance of timber veneer wallpaper – a solution that seamlessly marries sophistication and versatility. At Paper Scissors Glue, we offer a range of timber veneer wallpaper options, such as WOODWALL which comprises of real timber veneer, and PAPERWALL that provides the allure of real wood without the limitations.

These products are Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, our timber veneer wallpapers are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood paneling, offering ease of installation and maintenance. Whether you envision a warm, rustic ambiance in a restaurant or a touch of natural beauty in a living room, our timber veneer wallpapers deliver.

Our collection features an array of finishes, grains, and tones, allowing you to effortlessly transform interiors by applying it straight onto plaster walls and eliminating the hassle and costs involved with wood panelling.

We are the
Recommended installers for ELTON GROUP,

one of Australia’s leading suppliers for Timber Veneer wallcoverings.

A list of areas where timber wallpaper out preforms the real thing.

  • Stairway walls
  • lift lobbies
  • Foyers
  • Ceilings
  • Bulk heads
  • Under bench seating