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Expert Wallpaper and Window Film Installation Specialists in Australia

As leading specialists in wallpaper and window film installation, we take pride in delivering creative and professional services to clients across Australia. Our young, fresh, and dynamic team is highly sought-after for our efficient, friendly approach, backed by years of experience in wallpaper installation for a wide range of projects.

12 Years of experience

Expert Wallpaper Installation Team, Attention to Detail, Uncompromising Quality, and Seamless Finishes

At our core, we approach wallpaper and window film differently. Led by our director, Jason Wehbe, we bring a proud background in design and signage, which empowers us to offer a holistic solution that suits your budget. Based in Melbourne, we have the capability to work nationwide and internationally, utilizing our team's collaborative approach to save you time and money throughout the installation process. From sourcing materials and designs to ordering and installation, we take care of project management, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including large hotels, residential buildings, aged care institutions, and various commercial ventures. We also cater to architects and interior designers, handling high-end residential assignments as well as smaller domestic projects. Collaborating with trades such as timber wall cladding, painting, and sign companies, along with our industry partners, allows us to provide comprehensive solutions.

With over twelve years of industry experience, we have earned a reputation for our creative approach and commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. When we’re on the job, our hands-on approach, cleanliness, and confidence ensure the delivery of the best service every time. Our vision is to continue innovating in this exciting industry, providing our clients with the highest quality installation services.

For innovative wallpaper and window film installations that exceed expectations, trust our expertise and dedication to excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us bring your vision to life.